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Plug & Play IP camera “Viewla” is designed not only good for personal users but also for commercial use. To let all users enjoy live video image and audio through Android/iPhone/iPad/PC from remote areas anytime, anywhere.office - IP camera

Once the camera is installed, the camera ID and password is all you need. You can also record video and save snapshots by a click/tap.

“Viewla” is well designed with an adequate security system, using peer-to-peer communication technology to provide users easy setup and simple control.


Most other common IP camera use the Dynamic DNS server system which requires complicated router settings depending on the installation environment. This is often difficult for general PC and smartphone users.


office demo camera - IP camera

Our mission is to contribute to users widely through the distribution of IP camera "Viewla".


SolidCamera Department

Company Information

Name Solid Corporation

Founded June, 1971


MID Imabashi Bldg.3-16 Imabashi 2-Chome,Chuo-Ku, 

Osaka 541-0042 Japan

Capital 10 Million Yen


Mizuho Bank Limited, Osaka Branch

Sumitomo-Mitsui Banking Corporation,Osaka Chuo Branch

President Tatsuto Tokuoka

Line of


Export and Import, Marketing Distributor

IP Camera and Accessories

Tel +81-6-6228-0577

Fax +81-6-6222-1287/1282

Email www.solidcamera.net

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