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Customer Review - IP camera

S.S., Aichi, Japan

I bought the "Viewla" IP camera the other day. As in the ad, the setup was very easy.

The new camera really amazed me as the one I used to use took a whole day to set

up and I could only get still images on my mobile.

Now I can see how she's doing, comfortably on my iPhone from outside.

I am very satisfied. Thank you very much.

A. M., Kanagawa, Japan

I usually watch my dog on my iPhone through Wi-Fi from outside. I always leave

one LED bulb on. I found that my dog begins to act a little nervous when it gets

dark. I also think this IP camera would be useful in nursing care.

It would be even better if I could talk to him from my iPhone.

T.Y., Miyazaki, Japan

I watch my dog on my iPhone. After failing to set up my first IP camera, I was

really glad to find Viewla.

As my dog is old, I used to get worried and sometimes go home during work

just to see him. I don't have to do that now.

My children—they live away—enjoy watching him, too.

Thank you very much.

M. A., Osaka, Japan

During lunch time, I keep watching my cat on my smartphone.

I concentrate on the screen so much that I feel no taste lol

It is really fun to watch what she does when I am away.

I like to pan and tilt the IP camera with my smartphone.

It is hard to keep myself from watching her lol

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