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Copyright and Trademark Information

Documents, images, drawings, videos (hereinafter referred to as "content") of this website are protected by intellectual property law and copyrights of Solid Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "We") and third parties. Users of this website may copy the content through download and so on for purposes limited to personal, home or equivalent use. Content with a copyright mark of us or third parties must be copied with the mark.

Except for the cases mentioned above or defined in copyright law, you may not use content for any purpose without the permission of the copyright holder, including translation, public transmission and so on.

Rights of each design, logo mark, and trade mark in this website belong to us or individual copyright holders. Use of our content without our permission, unless permitted by commercial law or other laws, is prohibited by trademark law and so on. You must contact us beforehand for permission.

We do not guarantee the content in our website or permit third party rights, patent rights, trademark rights, our rights or any other right.

Price and Product Information

SolidCamera and Viewla logo are trademarks of Solid Corporation.

Actual colors of the products may vary.

Product design, specification, appearance, price is subject to change without notice.

Unless otherwise specified, prices in this website do not include consumption tax. Articles and consumption tax will be added upon purchase.

Products in this website are not intended for use as equipment or instrument that requires high reliability that affects people's lives. We are not responsible for any accident, fire accident, social damage and so on caused by the use or malfunction of the products.

Products in this website are designed for use in Japan. We are not responsible for anything if the product is used outside Japan.。

Disclaimer Information

We do not guarantee the precision, usability, certainty, safety and so on of the content in this website. Should there be any damage from using or being unable to use the content in this website, we are not responsible.。

The content and url of this website is subject to change or deletion without notice. Information in this website is not necessarily the latest. Contents of this website may be discontinued without prior notice. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the matters above..

We may amend our site policy without prior notice. In that case, the latest policy will be applied.


<About Links to Our Website >

You are free to make links to our website.。


<About Our Links to Other Websites >

This website has links to other websites. These links are set for convenience and we are not responsible for their contents. You must follow the requirements of the linked websites when you visit them.。

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