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The IP camera Viewla Series of Solid Camera Connects You Wherever You Are.
All You Need is ID/Password.

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Viewla Demo

With the web player below, you can experience our exciting IP camera Viewla products for free!
Choose one demo camera you would like to watch from the camera list.

*Internet Explorer browser and ActiveX required.

*Firewall settings or line congestion may cause connection errors. Please check your environment if connection fails.

*Some demo cameras may be occasionally off-line.

Camera List

1. Business District 1 (Japan)

│ID : 002177160 │password : 1111 (IPC-05w)

2. Pet Shop 1 (Japan)

│ID : 001152045 │password : 0241 (IPC-05w)

3. Street (Taiwan)

│ID : 001014182 │password : ipcam (IPC-07w: 1.0 Megapixel)

4. Dolls (Night Mode) (Taiwan)

│ID : 001001003 │password : 1234 (IPC-06w Night Mode)

5. Digital Clock (Japan)

│ID : 002217160 │password : 1111 (IPC-06w)

 10-17:00 Day Mode / 17-10 Night Mode

6. Fish Bowl(Taiwan)

│ID : 001001005 │password : 1234 (IPC-06w)

7. Business District 2 (Japan)

│ID : 004072214 │password : 1111 (IPC-06HD)

8.Business District 3 (Japan)

│ID : 002214121 │password : ipcam (IPC-07w: 1.0 Megapixel)

9. Pet Shop 2 (Japan)

│ID : 001152037 │password : 1111 (IPC-05w)

*Only during 10-17:00 Tue-Sat

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Try CamView on Your PC

The IP camera viewer, CamView, can be easily installed by the following steps.

→ If you are an iPhone user, click here.

CamView - IP camera

1. Download and install the player, “CamView.”

 Click here to download.

 *Activate the installer and click “Next.”

 *Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7

CamView - IP camera

2. Click the desktop icon to start “CamView.”

 *Click the language button on the bottom left to choose your language.

CamView - IP camera

3. Right click “Camera List,” select “New Camera” and enter the following:


CamView - IP camera
Name : Any name is OK.
Cam ID/Password : Choose from the list above


CamView - IP camera

4. The newly registered camera will appear below “Camera List.” Double click it to see the video.

*Up to 20 users can access 1 camera simultaneously.

*If the access is busy and you cannot connect, please try later.

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Try the Free CamView App on Your iPhone/iPad,

Android Mobile/Tablet

Follow the steps below to download and try our free IP camera Viewla viewer App “mCamView(HD) Lite” on your iPhone/iPad or Android mobile/tablet.

mCamView - IP camera

1. Search “mCamView” in the “App Store” or ”Google Play.”
 *Type “mcamv” in the search box and the App will appear.

mCamView - IP camera

2. Select mCamView(HD) Lite and tap the “FREE” button to download.

mCamView - IP camera

3. After the download is complete, tap the icon to start the App.

mCamView - IP camera

4. Three demo cameras are pre-installed to mCamView. Select a camera to access.
 You can also add cameras by tapping the “+” button.
 Enter your camera ID and password.
 Also, you can add the ID/Passwords of the cameras listed here.

mCamView - IP camera

5. You can pan, tilt, zoom in/out by tapping and pinching. You can also take screenshots.

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