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How to Get Started

What You Need

To use the IP camera Viewla, the following environment is necessary.

Wi-Fi Connection

IP Camera Viewla Minimum Requirements

1. Internet Connection

 [Upload Speed 3Mbps- per camera.

Internet (communication line and Internet service provider contract) is required. Optic fiber Internet (HTTH) is recommended.
2. Wired/Wireless Router
To connect the IP camera to the Internet.
3. PC
For camera setup and settings. The PC is also necessary in solving certain connection issues and to connect IPC-05w to Wi-Fi.

�E�Upload Speed

There are 2 kinds of Internet speeds, download speed and upload speed. If the upload speed is slow, the camera may not smoothly transfer video over the Internet. The recommended upload speed is 3Mbps�E�E
The Internet Speed can be measured here.

Recording Tips

You can choose and record video to the following devices with Viewla.



Advantage Disadvantage Note
iPhone - IP camera
iPad - IP camera
You can watch and record video at the same time.
・The device and App must be switched on during recording.
・Recording over the Internet tend to be instable.
PC - IP camera
You can watch and record multiple videos at the same time
・The PC and App must be switched on during recording.
・Recording over the Internet tend to be instable (if connected remotely).
microSD CardmicroSD Card - IP camera
・The recording quality is independent of  internet speed
・Best for recording a few days (32GB :7�E�E0 days)
・Simply, insert to start recording、E/div>
Check here for details.
NAS - IP camera
Best for recording longer than a few weeks
・Requires setup in web settings.
・Motion detection recording may fail when the NAS is in standby condition.
It is better to keep the camera and NAS in the same LAN.
For stable NAS recording, we recommend you keep the camera and NAS in the same LAN.

Viewer Apps


  CamView CamPlay mCamView mCamViewHD
camview - IP camera camplay - IP camera smartphone - IP camera mcamviewhd - IP camera




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(must remove from camera and connect directly to the PC)
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Play Files Seamlessly �E� ◁E/td> �E� �E�

On microSD Card Recordinganime 3

SD - IP camera

The microSD card is suitable for recording for a relatively short time. A 32GB microSD card can hold up to several days.
 [Default Settings] Recording starts automatically upon inserting the microSD card to the camera. New files overwrite old files once the microSD card reaches full capacity.
For stable recording, choose Class 6 cards or of faster write speed. NAS (Network Attached Storage) is recommended for long term recording.

■If the microSD card stops recording, its lifespan has been reached. Please replace the card with a new one.

■To avoid losing data, periodic backup is strongly recommended.

■We are not responsible for any data loss during camera use.

microSD Card Formatting anime 2

If you are going to use an old (used) microSD card for Viewla, formatting by the SD Formatter is recommended. This maximizes the performance of the microSD card. 

*In general, the default format tool preinstalled to the PC is capable of formatting a wide range of devices, which is not optimized for microSD cards. In some cases, it may degrade the performance of the card. This is why we recommend the SD Formatter.
SD Card Formatter - IP camera

Format SD Card - IP camera

*Caution: Format will erase all files on the microSD card.

microSD Card Lifespan  anime

Some microSD cards have been reported to stop recording in several weeks or months, due to their durability. In such a case, reboot the camera and format the microSD card to start recording again. If this does not work, the lifespan of the card has been reached. It is time to replace the microSD card with a new one.
Some fake class 6�E�Ediscount microSD cards have been found in the market. You can run a benchmark test with CrystalDiskMark (free) to check the recording performance of your microSD card.

▼Recording Performance

The performance of some microSD cards are below their classes. If your microSD card does not record properly, please download the following free software and test its benchmark.、E/p>

crystaldiskmark - IP camera

bnr - IP camera

File Transfer Speed by Class
UHS-1 Ultra
Class10 Super
Class6 Fast 6MB/s
Class4 Standard 4MB/s
Class2 Slow 2MB/s
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