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What's Plug & Play?

the Difference

Connection Made Easy by Plug & Play!

There are only 3 steps between connecting and watching video! It only takes a few minutes. Internet connection and ID/Password are all you need .

1 - IP camera

1 - IP camera


Free Service

Viewla Apps are free and there is no monthly charge.

Free - IP camera

High Security, Data Encryption

Communication of IP camera Viewla is done through the GSS server and high level encryption technology. The camera ID & Password is saved only in the camera itself, which make it impossible for information to leak from the server. Of course, we cannot know the password either. Unless you give away your password, unatuhorized access is impossible. It is a secure communication system.

GSS Server - IP Camera

About the UTM System and Use in High Security Level Environments

If your PC is using a common firewall or security software, you only have to authorize communication of Viewla by following software instructions to access video. There is no need for complex settings.

Corporal PCs with high level security systems can be accessed by opening the port, which is relatively simple.


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